Installing Joying JY-HOS01N4GS-1 in a Volvo S80 2.5 T MJ 2005

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Installing Joying JY-HOS01N4GS-1 in a Volvo S80 2.5 T MJ 2005

(The below all information are from Joying Customer)

First of all.
This is a very special installation.
I wanted to keep the original Volvo HU650 running and also wanted a big display.

In the first trial i installed the Volvo HU650 in the glovebox and in the center console the Joying 10.1 inch.

Then I discovered the Joying JY-HOS01PN4GS-1 and i decided to integrate both units in the center console.

First i had to prepare the original Volvo radio and phone compartment.

Then i had to modify the holder in that case that the cables of the Joying-unit have space sideways.

It looks like this when installed.

I had to modify some cables, including the power supply and the antenna cable.

Then I removed the tape deck and the disk player from the original Volvo Hu650.
This gave me space to integrate the Joying 1-DIN body.

It looks like that.

Than i had to think about the installation of the display screen.
I came to this solution.

After that I had to do a few more things.

For example a suitable place for the usb connection.

And a cover for the back.

And that is the result:


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