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Part 1 :  FAQ - About Android Head Unit

1). Q: Does the head unit support wireless Android Auto?
     A: Yes. If you receive a Joying head unit without wireless Android Auto function, plz contact us by email to get a update firmware.

2). Q: Does the item support steering wheel control?
     A: Yes, all of our car radio can support the steering wheel control, but some car model need buy extra decoder harness.

3). Q: What is the boot up time ?
     A: For the first time it need 15-20 seconds, then next time just 2-3 seconds.

4). Q: What is Power AMP IC of the head unit?
     A: It is TDA7851.

5). Q: Can I change the car logo on the head unit?
     A: Yes, you can change it in the car setting, also you can custom the logo.

6). Q: Is the screen of the car stereo multi-touch ?
     A: Yes, it is multi-touch.

7). Q: Where can I get the update firmware?
     A: You can get it from our official website, also you can contact us via email.

8). Q: Does the unit can support Bluetooth ?
     A: Yes, it can support to connect Bluetooth with iPhone and Android phone. You can listen the Bluetooth music and call a handsfree call.

9). Q: Does it support Bluetooth with hands-free call ?
     A: Yes, it can support connect bluetooth with Android phone and iPhone for hands-free call.

10). Q: Why does the head unit can not detect my Bluetooth device? Why I can not find the device in the bluetooth list?
       A: Joying head unit can only support 3 kinds of Bluetooth devices: Android phone, iOS phone and Joying OBD2.

11). Q: What is the Radio Frequency Region ?
       A: It Include USA, Latin, Europe, Russa, Japan.

12). Q: What is the unit Audio Power Output ?
       A: It is 4X50W.

13). Q: Does this unit support Navigation ?
       A: Yes, it can support Nvaigation, and the unit pre-installed the Google maps app, you also can download the Here, Sygic, TomTom,etc.

14). Q: How can I dark the head unit screen? It is too bright even adjust to the minimum.
       A: You can go to setting-factory(3368)-backlight current adjustment(5768).

15). Q: What is the unit working Voltage ?
       A: It is 10V-14V.

16). Q: Does the unit support OEM Car MIC ?
       A: Sorry for it cannot support the OEM Car MIC, but the unit Built-in Microphone in the control panel also includes external Microphone.

17). Q: Can I root the head unit?
      A: I am afraid not, do not suggest you to root(because we never tested it, sometime it succeed, but seom times failed and damaged the unit).

18). Q: Does it support factory amp?
       A: No, you need purchase suitable canbus harness from other place to decode your factory amp.

19). Q: Can I change the button light?
       A: Yes, seven colors for your choice.

20). Q: Does the head unit support HDD?
       A: Yes, it supports HDD up to 500GB. Some customer tested the 1TB HDD also work fine.

21). Q: Can I re-map the function of the button panel ?
       A: Yes, but only the touch screen radio supported.

22). Q: Does the item support AUX input?
       A: Yes

21). Q: Does Joying Head unit support JBL system?
       A: It can not support JBL system, if your car has JBL harness, need purchase suitable JBL harness from other place.

22). Q: How many USB port does the head unit have?
       A: It have two USB ports.

23). Q: I insert the SIM card, but the head unit can not detect the SIM card?
       A: Pls reboot the head unit first.

24). Q: Can user Interface be changed?
       A: Yes, you can change it according to your needs.

25). Q: Can I change the l language of the head unit?
       A: Yes, the item supports nearly all languages.

26). Q: Does the car stereo support Digital TV ?
       A: Yes, it supports DVB-T and DVB-T2, you need to purchase it by yourself.

27). Q: Does it support factory back up camera?
       A: No, it can not support factory back up camera

28). Q: What is the accessories (OBD2, DVR , etc.) mean?
      A: ODB2 is used for car diagnostic. DVR is a driving recorder/front camera. TPMS is used to measure tires pressure. You can also check more info about the accessories in their own link. You can find them on the website directory: All Categories-Car Accessories-Backup Camera/DAB+/...

29). Q: Why the reversing image display black and white? I want it become colorful.
       A: Pls go to setting-factory(3368)-HD reversing video format to turn on AHD setting.

30). Q: Does your head unit support USB hub?
       A: Yes.

31). Q: Does the head unit support Coaxial output?
       A: Yes.

32). Q: How can I change the language?
       A: You can go to setting-user-language and input.

33). Q: I have a old Joying Android 6/8 head unit, can I install the Android 10 firmware?
       A: No, sorry. They are different system and not compatible.

34). Q: How can the head unit connect Internet?
       A: You can insert a SIM card or connect the mobile WIFI hotspot. (a part of SIM card is not supported)

35). Q: What is the CPU/processor of the head unit?
       A: You can check it on “More Information” page in each head unit's link.

36). Q: Does the head unit has heat sink?
       A: Yes.

37). Q: Does the head unit drain battery on standby? How mandy power it will consume?
       A: It consume very few power. In sleep mode: 5mA. In complete shutdown: 1mA.

38). Q: Does your head unit support video output?
       A: No. But we provide video-out adapter. You can purchase it with the head unit.

39). Q: Can I install the 10.1” 1920*1200 resolution head unit UI in other head unit, like the 8”(1280*800) or 9”(1280*720) model.
       A: No, this UI can only install in this head unit. Because different resolution head unit’s firmwares are not compatible.

40). Q: Can I insert an SIM card to the Joying head unit and use this SIM card to make phone calls?
       A: No. The SIM card only is used to connect network.

41). Q: What is the third USB port used for?
       A: 3 USB ports are the same universal. But for the wired Apple Car Play and Android Auto, you had better connect by the USB-OTG port.

42). Q: How can I get the latest version firmware.
       A: Pls email us with you order information and version information.

43). Q: Why I can't use Netflix on Joying head unit?
       A: Joying radio cannot support the Netflix, but some customer feedback the version 4.16 will work, maybe you can have a try.

Part 2: FAQ - About Ordering and Payment

1). Q: How can I make the order?
     A: You can order directly from our website, you can check this page for details, or send me your purchasing order, we can send invoice to you.

2). Q:What the terms of payment do you accept?
     A:T/T, Western Union for bulk order, Paypal for sample order.

3). Q: Is there any discount and coupon code?
     A: Sometimes we can offer discount and coupon code for sample order, for the details, pls contact us first via email.

4). Q: Which warehouse to choose from?
     A: US warehouse for USA customers, AU warehouse for Australian customers, Germany warehouse for Europe customers, other customers need purchase from Chinese factory.

5). Q: Can I cancel order?
     A: Yes, you can cancel it before shipping.

6). Q: Do you offer a free sample?
     A: No, you need to purchase it with original price.

7). Q: Is the price negotiable?
     A: Yes, the price can be changed. It is according to your order quantity.

8) Q: Can I pay by installment?
    A: No, sorry.

9). Q: Why do I always fail to pay?
     A: Pls try to use other browser.

10). Q: Why my order still doesn't ship out? I still didn't receive the tracking number.
       A: After place an order, it needs about 3-5 working day to ship out. After shipping out, we will send you the tracking number.

Part 3: FAQ - About Shipping
More details shipping info pls check this page:

1). Q: What is your terms of delivery?
     A: DHL, EMS, ARAMEX, China post, EUB, or by air or by sea etc., according to your requirement.

2). Q: When will you send out the order?
     A: For Sample order: we will send it within 1-3 working days after cleared payment.
         For bulk order: will send out within 7 days after cleared payment.

3). Q: Do you test all your goods before delivery?
     A: Yes, usually will test five times before shipment.

4). Q: Where can I get the tracking number?
     A: We will send you the tracking number and tracking website via email.

5). Q: How much declare value do you write on the parcel?
     A: Usually we write 80.00USD on the parcel for one sample order. Other declare value will be in accordance  with your needs.

7). Q: Does the item come with instruction manual?
     A: Yes, it will come with the package.

8). Q: Does the item price include VAT, customs fee and remote fee?
     A: No, it is buyer’s responsibility.
         (Head unit ship from EU, AU, US warehouse will includes the customs fee)

9). Q: Do you offer combined shipping?
     A: Yes, we can send head unit and other car accessories in one parcel.

10). Q: What should I do if I receiving a wrong parcel?
       A: Please take us some pictures to show the wrong parcel and we can accept return for exchange.

Part 4: FAQ - About Warranty&Return
More details info pls check here:

1). Q: How about your warranty ?
     A: We offer 2 year warranty for the head unit.

2). Q: Do you offer warranty if the warranty seal removed or damaged?
     A: Yes, we still offer it if you can provide us with order number.

3). Q: Who will pay the shipping cost during warranty ?
     A: The buyer needs to bear the shipping cost.

4). Q: What should I do if receiving a broken item?
     A: Please take some pictures to show the broken item and we can accept return for replacement.

5). Q: Can i send the head unit to you for repair?
     A: Yes, free repair, but buyer need undertake the two sides shipping fee.