How to solve the 4G problem on Joying head unit?

                                                                                    How to solve the 4G problem on our head unit?


Following ideas are for solving the 4G problem when there is no 4G signal or no internet data on the head unit. you can try the below ways one by one.

The steps No.1-3 are the most important!!


1) You need to connect both 4G antennas to the following "4G DIV" and "4G PRI" as below:


2) You need to buy the following 4G SIM card styles:


3You need to reboot the head unit after you insert the 4G SIM card on the head unit.


4) You need to choose the proper date and time zone.


5) Please disable the pin code on the 4G SIM card.

If your phone is iPhone, you can check this video on how to disable the pin code:

If your phone is an android version, you can check this video on how to disable the pin code:


6) Please disconnect the following 4G antenna :

 Please check whether these wires on the plug are broken or loose part from the plug.

 If there is no problems on the wire, please connect it again on the board tightly.



7) Please check whether you have inserted the Micro 4G SIM card correctly:

    In case that the SIM card is not fix stable on the slot, you also can try to put a small paper above of the SIM card. So that it can add the thickness.


8) For the APN setting processes:

You need to make clear what is your APN setting for.

In order to get the APN information, you can insert the SIM card on the phone for checking.

And then create an APN on the Joying with the same setting shown on the phone.

After setting the APN, please save it and then restart the head unit.


If your SIM card is from “AT&T”, you can try below APN setting:


If you are from AU, you can use the "Telstra" or "Vodafone" card.

If you are in USA, you better use the SIM card from “T-Mobile” /AT&T company. Please do not use the “version” and “Sprint” as far as possible.


Any more problems, please contact

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