10 Inch Android car radio installed on Mercedes-Benz Vito

Good day !!

Today Joying would like to share perfect Big Screen 10.1 Inch installed experience on Mercedes Vito .

Following is feedback from our customer :


Car: Mercedes Benz Vito Mixto 116 Long

Head unit: 10” device with Android

Speaker: Front Loudspeaker 2 way Alpine SPG17CS with active crossover

Rear loudspeaker 3 way SXE-6925S

Subwoofer Pioneer TS-WX301

Ampli: Revac HE60 50+50w in mono output to drive subwoofer

Proline 802 2x150w to drive front speakers

Direct output for rear speakers


Good points:

•Excellent price / performance ratio

•Very good display, can be seen in all the light conditions and fast in touch detection

•Quality of sound is good and the output is strong

•Good support for different kind of audio & video format

•Complete software applications out of the box (radio, music, navi, more)

•Good build and quality of components

•Delivery has been fast, support answers in a short time via mail


Considering the price, the product is excellent and strongly recommended for a powerful installation and for any kind of car. The look is superb and the final result is totally awesome.


Following is the factory car dashboard picture :


Remove the original cd player out from the car


Install our Joying head unit on the dashboard


Connect the USB driver to the back of head unit USB port


Install the speaker

Install the subwoofer


Following is his Review video on our Octa Core PX5 2GB/32GB 10.1 Inch head unit :


If you are also interested in installing our head unit on your Mercedes-Benz Vito , please contact us europe@joyingauto.com 

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