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Notification to all JOYING customers about the shipment delay

Dear friend,

First of all, we are sorry for the order shipment delay to the customer who has placed the order already and the customers who are going to place the order. 

The Normal Chinese Spring Festival Holiday is from 18th Jan to 2nd Feb. Now due to the novel coronavirus in Wuhan, there is some effect and change. Joying Company is located in Shenzhen which is not affected much, also most other cities in China are not affected much. But as we all know the novel coronavirus is a Contagious, and it has an Incubation period with 14 days. In the beginning, we think we can start to work on 10th Feb, but to prevent the novel coronavirus spread to other cities, the Government has very strict control over enterprises and factories. Our factories, suppliers are all delivering relevant materials to the government, waiting for the checking then start work. It takes some time, and we are also anxiously waiting for the news. The estimated time to start to work is the end of February, but we can not 100% sure, if there is any news, we will notify all JOYING customers. 

All Joying teams keep working at home. We can reply to the emails for all your questions and ship the oversea orders as normal (US warehouse is only available for customers in the USA, AU warehouse only available for Australian customers, EU warehouse is only available for customers in Europe). Orders from the Chinese warehouse cannot be produced and shipped. We promised we will ship all the orders at the first time when we back for work, and send a free backup camera as Joying's compensation. If you cannot waiting for it, you can email us to cancel it.
If you purchase from, please email to
If you purchase from, please email to

Who can get the free backup camera?
If you purchase the JOYING car stereo from the Chinese factory and not shipped out yet, when everything back to work normal, we will send the free camera to you together with your order. 

Recently, we received many concerns and best wishes from our customers. We are really thankful for your well-understanding, please do not worry about the novel coronavirus. All is under control and the government is actively taking many measures to deal with it. The doctors and the scientist are working on this. We believe it will be restored soon. I wish you and your family peace and health. 

Best regards,